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Automatic Notifications When Websites Are Developed

Learn more about the automatic notifications related to new websites developed from your portfolio

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We now automatically scan your domain portfolio and notify you when websites have been developed in other extensions for those domains.

Important Recommendations When You Receive These Notifications

  1. Since you own the .com extension, it is likely that buyers will eventually want to upgrade to your domain name. Therefore, it is not a good idea to drop these domains or sell them in wholesale

  2. Consider repricing these domains after reviewing the websites that have already been developed

  3. We do not recommend directly contacting these website owners since it could lead to potential Trademark risks

  4. Check for these domains in Google search. If your sales landing page is indexed and visible on first page of Google search, it is even more likely that the website owners of other extensions will want to purchase that domain. This is because their customers are also seeing the domain for sale when they type the business name in Google. For example, if you are selling Uptraffic .com and see that Uptraffic .online has been developed, you can search for "Uptraffic" in Google. In the below example, the .com domain is clearly visible for sale which creates a strong incentive for the other website owners to upgrade to this extension.

Majority of our landing pages are automatically visible on first page of Google. If your domain for sale is not visible on Google, you can influence that by sharing that domain URL in social media, as well as by adding more relevant description for the domain.

Other Notes

  • We currently scan only .com domains. If you hold domains in other extensions, they are currently not included in our scans because it is less likely for other website owners to upgrade to non .com extensions. However in future we may start scanning other extensions such as .io as well.

  • We automatically scan Premium Listings, as well as those Standard Listings where name servers are pointing to our site. Since these scans require significant resources, we do not currently scan those standard listings where name servers are not pointing to us

  • The scans are done periodically on an automatic basis on a partial list of your portfolio. As we detect additional websites that are developed, we will send additional notifications

  • There is no cost for this feature

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