Import Your Domains Directly From Registars (Beta)

Learn about our new feature which allows you to import your domain listings directly from your Domain Registrars

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We now allow sellers to import their domain listings directly from their registrar accounts.

Key Benefits

  • Save significant time and manual errors in domain management.

  • We will automatically verify all your domains, which means you can skip the manual verification step using TXT records or Name Servers

  • You can automatically publish all imported domains as Standard Listings with one click.

  • Our AI will automatically grade the domains as well as generate descriptions and possible uses

  • You will also be able to see which domains are potentially a good fit for Premium Listings. If the domains are not accepted as Premium, we will automatically refund your coins

How It Works

  1. Click on Registrar Import Link from the Add Domain dropdown. You can also click on the Registrar Import from the left menu under My Domains.

2. Add Your API Keys from your preferred registrar

You will need to obtain these API keys directly from your Registrar account. Add the Keys

3. Import Domains

Once the keys have been added, click on Start Importing Domains. This action can take few minutes to complete. Don't worry, if the domains are already in your SH account, we will skip them.

4. Add Imported Domains To Standard Listings

You will be able to see the list of all newly imported domains. You can publish all imported domains as Standard Listings. Alternatively, if you only want to publish some of them, you can select them individually from the list.

5. Wait 24 hours for AI Grading

Our AI will go through all your newly added Standard Listings and perform following tasks:

  • Grade Them

  • Assign Description and Possible Uses

  • CamelCase the domains

  • Identify which ones may be potentially a good fit for Premium Listing

We currently support several major domain registrars for automatic imports. We will continue to add more in the near future based on the feedback from the sellers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I delete my API keys after the import?

Absolutely! You do not need to keep your API keys in your SH account. You can simply delete them after the import step is complete.

What if I already have some domains in my SH account

Our API import will only import those domains that are currently not in your SH account. We do not overwrite any data for domains that are already in your SH account

I received an error during the import

The most common cause for an error is that the IP address is not whitelisted for your registrar account. Some registrars such as allow API calls only from whitelisted IP addresses. In that case, you can contact the registrar to request Whitelisting of the IP address. You should be able to see the IP address in the error message, or you can contact our support team who can provide you with the IP address that needs to be whitelisted

Can you help with changing the Name Servers or TXT records for my domains in bulk?

We currently do not offer this option but may add this feature in the future, based on feedback from the seller community

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