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How do I set up my website, hosting and email while I’m still paying off my installment plan?
How do I set up my website, hosting and email while I’m still paying off my installment plan?

Can I set up my website while paying the installments?

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While your domain is under installments, the domain is held by Atom in an escrow account. We can point the name servers to your host and make any changes to the DNS records. 

This will allow you to start building your website and set up email before the installment plan is complete at which time we will transfer the domain to you and you will have full control over that domain.

Connecting your domain to your website

Your website hosting provider (e.g., BlueHost, Hostgator, WordPress, etc.) will guide you through this process. Generally, they will require you to change the name servers so they can make the necessary changes. In this case, simply retrieve your web host's name servers from them and share those with us via chat or email.

In some cases, you may want to update the DNS records instead of changing the name servers. No problem! We would still be glad to help you with this. Since you have no access to your domain settings at this point, we will make the necessary changes on your behalf.

The steps are easy:

  1. Copy the values or records (e.g., CNAME, TXT, or A records) that need to be added to your domain settings.

  2. Paste them into your chat or email message to Atom at

  3. Include screenshots as necessary for reference.

Note: If we have to update your DNS settings (add/change records), we will need to use the registrar’s (such as GoDaddy, Epik, Dynadot, etc.) default name servers.

Setting up an email

If you would like to create a custom email with your domain, just head to the provider site where you would like to set up an email (e.g., Google Workspace, Microsft Outlook, etc.), and sign up for an account. You will be required to verify the domain ownership just like in the following example (please note that this may change from one provider to another).


Once you get to the domain verification step: (1) copy the text code (this is usually a long string of characters), and (2) paste that into your message to Atom and we will add that to your domain settings to verify ownership. Once this is verified, your email provider (Google, Microsoft, etc.) will likely send you more instructions to begin setting up your email such as adding more records. Just send those to us as well so we can apply the changes needed.

Want to make these changes directly from your end?

We sure have an option for that! Simply pay off the remaining balance at any time from your Transfer Center so we can transfer the domain ownership to you and you can have full control over your domain settings.

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