Instructions to Push Domains to Our Escrow Account

Step by step instructions to push your domains to Our Escrow account

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If you have been notified by us to push your domain (within the same registrar) to our escrow account, please follow these instructions.

Please Note: As of April 17th, 2024, Squadhelp has rebranded to Atom. You will continue to use Squadhelp account information as seen in this article. For any questions, please reach us by chat at or email -


In order to initiate the transfer process, go to your Godaddy Domain account, click on <domain name>, and go to:

Once the Action Needed pops up, please provide the details of our GoDaddy escrow account (e-mail/customer account#). Also please select the option ‘NO’ at the bottom of the screen:

Our Escrow Account Email address:
Customer #: 168739343



In order to push the domain to our Namesilo account, check the box next to <>, and click on "Unlock Domains":

Click submit to unlock the domain:

Go back to <>


Click on "Push Domains"

Enter the "Username to push to": squadhelp and enter your account password in the "Your Password:" field.

The domain will then be pushed to us immediately.  


In order to push the domain to our Namebright account, please select the domain you’d like to push under ‘My account’ 

Your domain setting will pop up next, once you’re there please select the Push domain option. 


Once that’s selected, a pop up to push the domain to another account will appear. Please use the following to push the domain to us. 

Username: Squadhelp

Email Address:

After selecting continue, the process should be complete, and the domain will then be pushed to us immediately.  


For the Domain to be transferred to our escrow account, we will first request it to be pushed directly by the seller. Once we have requested the push, please go into your Atom account, My domains > Manage domains. 

Once you select the domain you wish to transfer please make sure to unlock the domain and choose the account change option. 

You will then need to provide our user name and email:

Push Username: squadhelp

Once you select ‘Push domain’, Click on your shopping cart and follow the green "Checkout" buttons to submit your change owner order. 

After the order is confirmed, the domain transfer process should be completed. 


In order to push the domain to our Enom account, please select the domain you’d like to push under the Domains menu, click My Domains and then select the domain to move.

Under General Settings, click Push this name to another account in our system.

Verify the domain name and enter the "push to" login ID.

In this case, please use our Login ID ‘Squadhelp’ to complete the push. 


In order to push the domain to our Epik account, go into your domains, then please hover over the domain you’d like to push.

The following screen will show- in this case please select ‘push domain to another person’. 

Once that’s selected please push the domain to ‘

After selecting the save option, the push will be completed.  

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