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Add Statcounter to your White-label Marketplace (WLM)
Add Statcounter to your White-label Marketplace (WLM)

Learn about how to enable Statcounter for your White Label Marketplace

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StatCounter is a simple but powerful real-time web analytics service that helps you track, analyze and understand your website visitors. You can now enable Statcounter tracking for your White Label Marketplace in order to get more insights about the traffic and buyers coming to your WLM.


  1. You first need to sign up and setup an account at

  2. Once you have an account at, go to their installation instructions

  3. You would need the Project ID and Security ID from those installation instructions

  4. Copy the values next to sc_project and sc_security (see screenshot above) and note those down

  5. Now head over to the Configure Marketplace (WLM) page on

  6. Paste the Project ID and Security ID in the Statcounter section (as per below screenshot) and Save the settings

7. Wait for few minutes and you should start seeing the traffic in your Statcounter dashboard (Note: You may need to clear your WLM cache in order for these settings to be reflected)

In some cases you may see an error message from Statcounter dashboard that there may be a problem with the installation. Sometimes Statcounter is not able to detect the installation code but as long as you are seeing the traffic stats in Statcounter, you can ignore that warning

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